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  1. ns2a︰我們用「神」來指稱具有x性質(或者x這組性質)的東西,並不蘊含曾經有過任何東西具有x性質(或者x這組性質),因為x性質本身也可能是想像或誇大而成的。例如,考慮「全知」、「全能」這些性質,不難想像他們是如何由「擁有…的能力」、「知道…」å’Œ「所有的」這些概念組合而成的。

  2. Hola Adriana, podés suscribirte a la revista Ecomanía en . De esta manera recibís la revista en tu casa, te informás y al mismo tiempo estás colaborando con nuestra ONG. Gracias por seguirnos!

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  4. mas saya tetarik dgn fotografitapi belum tau cari angle yang bagus and kompo warnanya … bisa kasih masukan ga? dan bagaimana kita dept jepretan yang bener2 bagus……TQ

  5. and will say again. When you take the right to bear arms from the law abiding citizens, you leave only the criminals with guns. You see restricting firearms from the average person does nothing to prevent the trafficing of illigal firearms. A criminal can always get a gun. Believe it. For those poor fools that think otherwise wise up! The second amendment was written for so many good reasons. Thank God for the right to bear arms. Ditto to the previous writer. When you take my firearm it will be empty , warm, and I will be dead. God Bless America.

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