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  1. John (30)-Are you new here? You seem new. Your comments exhibit far too much common sense to place you in the bunker-dweller category.Don’t you love the whining about other people’s “excessive profits”? Or does all the griping about why the market won’t drop 20% in a week float your boat?Like if these guys were in the sellers’ shoes, they’d be undercutting and underselling all their competition.Yeah, right.

  2. No tengo palabras ahora q lo veo en la web como tampoco cuando lo vi la primera vez: es maravilloso poder regalar sentimientos y Xènia lo hace posible. Anabel no dejó de mirarlo y enseñarlo todos los días q estuvimos con ella.Xènia ha conseguido el elixir en la distancia para mi hermana!

  3. Vydělat alespoň na náklady spojené z webem není o zisku.Samozřejmě je rozdíl mezi magazínem a minisites(převlečené MFA), výdělky těší více z první možnosti a navíc je tam i nějaká komunita, což u bezduchých MFA není.Vlastní obsah mají všechny mé weby.Díky tobě taky.

  4. Hi, Mandy. What an outrageously fabulous Christmas gift! Have so much fun!! I shared a , a , and a today. Thank you for hosting us again and have a great holiday week!

  5. Well, yes. It is all rather badly timed, isn’t it? …all the holiday shopping that could have been avoided, or the holiday food that should have been avoided…depending on the outcome. Your brother should have some great tales to tell on his return!

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